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Conflict Management

Increasingly organisations are recognising human and financial costs of unresolved conflict. Retention of employees and customers, productivity, reputation and profitability are all at risk if there is no effective, integrated system for the prevention, management and resolution of workplace conflict.

CORP works with your organisation to develop a flexible customised, comprehensive range of options to minimise the hidden costs of preventable conflict, strengthen staff competencies in resolving conflict and reduce and effectively manage organisational conflict.

CORP Conflict Management Services empower employees to engage constructively to resolve conflict.

CORP has expertise to assist to resolve workplace conflict between individuals, within and between teams and between organisations. Our range of interventions are applied flexibly to meet the specific individual and organisational needs.

CORP mediators in Darwin and Alice Springs now provide conflict engagement for the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman who have established a restorative engagement program for the Australian Defence Force. CORP mediators travel across Australia to provide mediation for this scheme.


Workplace mediation can assist people to reach fair and practical solutions to workplace conflict. The process is designed to create a safe environment for parties in dispute to discuss their concerns and explore their options. This is done with the assistance of a trained and experienced mediator. The process typically involves:

  • Individual interviews with each party
  • Joint facilitated discussion
  • Provision of a brief mediation agreement on completion

Conflict Assessment

Typically involves teams, work units and larger groups where there are a range of issues. Processes may include:

  • Individual interviews
  • Briefings and meetings to agree process
  • Mediation(s) as required
  • Facilitated group discussion
  • Team development e.g. Agreed Behaviours
  • Education sessions e.g. Prevention of Bullying and Harassment
  • Coaching and counselling referrals

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides one-on-one assistance and support for people seeking to improve the way they manage conflict and disputes. The coach assists the person to:

  • Identify their goals for managing conflict effectively
  • Determine and take the required steps to attain those goals
  • Consider how to change their habitual behaviours that contribute to conflict
  • Shift unhelpful reactions to constructive responses
  • Improve communication skills in order to interact and address conflict situations more effectively
  • Reduce the harmful impact of conflict on themselves and others

Development of a Conflict Management Model for Organisations

  • Designing a system which emphasises early and low level intervention
  • Reviewing current rights based model (grievance policies etc.) and ensuring the processes and options are clear
  • Training for HR and managers in the implementation of the conflict management model
  • Training to build competencies around the informal interest based aspects of the conflict management model.

Conflict Related Training

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation Skills for Managers
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviours
  • Raising Issues and Concerns
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